Gov. O’Malley Signs More Than 100 Bills, Including Pre-K Expansion

Gov. Martin O’Malley signed more than 100 bills into law Tuesday, including a pre-K expansion and a law ending the practice of holding the owners of pit bulls to a different liability standard.

Legislation Nullifies Court’s Ruling On Dangerous Dogs

Since 2012, dog bites by pit bulls could bring harsher penalties on landlords, owners and the dogs themselves than bites from other breeds. But with the governor’s signature, that will change.

Senate Passes Compromise Bill on Dog Owner Liability

Senate passes bill that would hold dog owners responsible for bites, but also allow owners to challenge that liability in court.

Lawmakers Debate Bills That Would Protect Victims of Dog Bites

Witnesses and several lawmakers gave emotional statements during a debate whether the owners of pit bulls should be treated differently under Maryland law.

Gov. O’Malley, Legislature Close 2013 Session With Progressive Victories

Gov. Martin O’Malley and the General Assembly approved new gun control laws, repealed the death penalty, and funded a wind energy project during the 2013 legislative session.

Not Everyone Biting on Pit Bull Liability Legislation

A bill meant to ease liability for pit bull dog owners and landlords was criticized by victims’ families, dog advocates, attorneys and legislators Wednesday at a House Judiciary Committee hearing.

Legislation Would Ease Pressure on Pit Bull Owners and Landlords

In April, the Maryland Court of Appeals ruled that owning pit bulls or allowing them on your property is an “inherently dangerous activity.

Maryland General Assembly Prepares For Spring Legislative Session

An increase in gas taxes, a repeal of the death penalty and a renewed discussion of liability for pit bull owners are some of the issues currently on the table for Maryland’s 2013 legislative session.

Md. Court Decision Making Pit Bulls Harder to Adopt

More owners are surrendering their pit bulls since the Maryland Court of Appeals ruled the dogs “inherently dangerous.”