Maryland’s All-In Gambling Push May Force Rivals to Fold

Maryland’s incursion into the world of legalized gambling is likely to bring the state millions of dollars in tax revenues, but industry experts predict the decision to allow table games will continue a decades-long tradition of states cannibalizing one another’s markets for personal gain.

With Gambling Expansion in Mid-Atlantic, ‘Atlantic City is Dying’

City struggles to hold on to its reputation as gambling hot spot

In Casino Expansion, Revenue Promises Often Fall Short of Reality

When Florida’s pro-gambling groups launched a series of advertisements pushing voters to allow slot machines in 2004, they claimed gambling would rake in $500 million for state schools annually. In reality, those slot machines have generated roughly $600 million in total for the state over six years — only 20 percent of what was promised.

Despite Gambling Options in State, Some Marylanders Still Prefer Trips to Atlantic City

Though bus tours to Atlantic City have seen a decline since Maryland’s casinos opened, some gamblers say it doesn’t matter how many casinos are built here. Their trips to Atlantic City are less about the bets and more about the escape.

Experts Aren’t Betting on Sports Gambling in Maryland Anytime Soon

With Delaware already offering legalized sports gambling, and New Jersey planning to follow suit to stay competitive in the gambling-saturated northeast corridor, could Maryland soon join its neighbors and permit sports wagers?

Gambling Addicts – Addiction experts concerned about passage of Question 7

With the passage of Question 7 in Maryland expanding gambling in the state, addiction experts say they are concerned about a likely increase in the number of people who will seek treatment for gambling problems.

National Harbor Business Owners Excited About Prospect of New Casino

Many National Harbor business owners there say a casino would make the area a more attractive destination, which will in turn bring them more business.

More Games – Maryland Live! Casino to offer “dealer school”

Now that the state’s voters have approved adding table games to Maryland’s slots facilities, the largest gambling operation in the state is gearing up to expand and add hundreds of jobs.

Lines and Signs: Election Day in Maryland

Some Maryland voters stood in long lines Tuesday to cast their ballot.

Voters Narrowly Approve Casino Expansion

Gambling expansion was too close to call Tuesday night, with 51.6 percent for, 48.4 percent against and many votes uncounted.